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Working together for the future of Hong Kong

Although the weather is still quite cold in Hong Kong these days, spring has come as far as farmers are concerned.

To achieve an intended crop yield, a farmer needs to first set a target and then make a good plan to achieve it. When the time comes, he has to plough the land, sow the seeds, fertilise the soil and remove the weeds. If all the steps are done, a harvest is almost guaranteed. The size of the harvest will depend on the efforts put in.

The same applies to other things we do. We need to work hard to achieve our targets.

In two days, I will deliver my first Policy Address, which will outline a blueprint for Hong Kong's future development not only in 2013 but also in the coming five years.

To prepare this Policy Address, I have attended over 20 consultation sessions, including three regional forums, to meet the public in person and listen to their views. I treasure every opportunity to communicate face to face with the public. I pay great attention to their views, whether for or against, and welcome all suggestions and appeals regarding various matters.

Many people expect the new Government to do more real work. I will take bold steps to get things done in a planned and progressive manner, guided by my vision and clear targets. No matter how long it may take, we will never slack off but will remain steadfast in working for the well-being of Hong Kong people. Over the first six months of my term, the Government has already put in place a number of measures one after another once they were ready in order to address people's pressing needs. In Wednesday's Policy Address, I will put forward my views and proposals on a number of issues, including Hong Kong's economic development, housing and land, poverty, care for the elderly and the under-privileged, and environmental protection.

I am grateful to my team of Principal Officials and all other people, especially my colleagues in the civil service, who have been involved in the preparation of the upcoming Policy Address and will follow up on the initiatives to be announced. I am sure that our efforts will yield a great harvest for Hong Kong.

Chance favours only the prepared mind. Let's work together for the future of Hong Kong with one heart and one vision!

January 14, 2013