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This website is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated. For updated information on anti-drugs, please see the Narcotics Division website.
Join me in the fight against youth drug abuse

Drug abuse has a devastating impact on individuals, families and the community. The problem in Hong Kong, particularly among young people, has been a major concern of my Government for some time. That is why we are stepping up our anti-drug efforts and providing additional resources to combat the scourge of drug abuse.

Winning this battle will not be easy. It will require a huge effort from everyone. Friends, family, teachers, colleagues, law enforcement officers, community leaders and the Government must all remain vigilant against the dangers of drug abuse.

For the sake of our young people - and the futue of our city - we cannot afford to turn a blind eye or pretend that drug abuse is someone else's problem. It is our problem, and we need to tackle it head on.

Please, join me in the fight against drug abuse and help our young people and vulnerable groups to "Just say NO to drugs!"
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